This August we are facing a double doozy of eclipse & mercury retrograde. As strong emotions come up we are forced to look at our shadow selves. When these things come up we are faced with a choice to do the work or let negative patterns override. 

Mercury retrograde can make us feel insane -- I've already had to replace my car keys and my new cell phone. Sometimes we cannot find our voice -- lost in broken static of retrograde communication. 


This trio supports us by offering us balance, stability and strength while supporting our nervous system and bringing the anxiety, worry, mind chatter, and stress level down. It's important to keep our hearts open even during the hardest months -- this is where we receive all of our information first. These oxymels and tinctures act as herbal allies that you can reach to for extra support in difficult times. 


kit contains: Herbs for Surviving Mercury Retrograde Zine, Nettle Oxymel, Chill Vibes Tincture, and Strawberry Rose Oxymel in lil' cloth tincture bag