Three Oxymel Trio Set :::


oxymels are an ancient form of medicine combining acid (in this case, apple cider vinegar) and honey to preserve the medicinal properties of a plant by creating an herbal infusion.


this kit includes three energetic oxymel's to help us get into our hearts by relaxing and opening them yet showing us how to maintain clear boundaries. This set helps encourage us to be in a relaxed and balanced state. 


this kit includes:


1 Strawberry Rose Oxymel

1 Nettle Oxymel


1 Rosemary Oxymel


this kit makes a great gift -- for introducing people to energetic herbal medicine or a delicious present for those already well versed in herbalism.


add oxymels to bubbly water or take directly in your mouth -- they taste delicious! 



~*~ Oxymel Trio Set ~*~