Sweet Nectar: Alcohol-Free Herbal Medicine Making Workshop 

Join Jade of 69herbs and Rachel of Snakeroot Apothecary as we join powerful east coast / west coast plant practices into this booze-less herbal medicine making class! Booze is great for some folks + a lot of herbal preparations out there are made in tincture form with high-proof alcohols - but sometimes we want other options for our medicine! 

Alcohol-free preparations are a great way to make herbs accessible for sober folks and people in recovery, kiddos, non-human animal friends, folks whose belief systems prohibit alcohol, and those of us who plain just don’t like the taste of it.

Together we will learn all about alternatives to tinctures as we step-by-step process fresh & dried plant material.  We will focus on two primary extracts: Glycerites and Oxymels, which are sweet herbal extracts made in vegetable glycerine and a honey and vinegar mixture. We will make both together in class and all participants will leave with a finished preparation as well as recipes to replicate the process at home. 

WHEN: August 25th / 12pm-2:30pm
WHERE: Brooklyn? TBA ;) 
PRICE: $35

SWEET NECTAR: - alcohol free medicine making workshop